Fish Paper & Aramid Paper Alternative

Formex Polypropylene Electrical Insulation DiagramFish paperandaramid paper are not always the best choices for electricalinsulation. Alternative materials have characteristics that can reduce cost and improve design performance. Unlike fish paper, which is made of cellulose, and aramid paper,which is made of aramid fiber, Formex™ polypropylene electrical insulation is non-hygroscopic (moisture absorption <0.06%). This meansFormex retains its structural integrity and dimensional stability even in the most demanding outdoor applications unlike typical insulation paper.

Formex also has greater dielectric strength than fish paper and aramid paper enabling thinner sheets of insulation material to be used in an application thereby saving cost and weight.

Most importantly, Formex, is easily scored and folded into durable three-dimensional parts providing the ability to replace molded and sheet metal parts such as air-flowbaffles, battery covers, and wire harness organizers with a lightweight, low-cost, flame-retardant material.

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